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JULY 2022
Artist's conceptual illustration of exoplanet 51 Pegasi-b
UMD Named a Host Institution for Prestigious Planetary Science Postdoctoral Fellowship
Heising-Simons Foundation’s 51 Pegasi b Fellowship will allow postdoctoral researchers to probe the mysteries of the universe at UMD. Read More »
Sylvester James Gates, Jr. Louis Uccellini
Sylvester James Gates, Jr. Returns to UMD Faculty as Clark Leadership Chair in Science

He holds a joint appointment in the Department of Physics and School of Public Policy. More »
Esteemed NOAA Meteorologist Louis Uccellini Joins UMD Faculty

He holds a joint appointment in the Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Science and the Earth System Science Interdisciplinary Center. More »
Quandry onstage at the Pitch Dingman competition Rita Colwell working in her lab
Taking Big Risks and Hatching a New Kind of Stock Trading Business

Computer science student startup Quandry shares their wild ride to success with their quantitative finance platform. More »
UMIACS' Rita Colwell Awarded $1 Million From NASA to Develop Disease Forecasting Center and App

The award will fund a project aimed at predicting and preventing infectious disease outbreaks. More »
Dense vegetation in a rainforest Stamped, antique photo postcard of the ship SMS Planet
Listening to "Animal Orchestras" May Help Save the Amazon

Research team that includes Biology’s Bill Fagan and Anshuman Swain (Ph.D. '22, biological sciences) uses soundscapes to monitor biodiversity in the world’s largest rainforest. More »
Century-old Deep-sea Expeditions Provide New Insights on Climate Change

Analysis of century-old expedition logs by Atmospheric and Oceanic Science's Jacob Wenegrat sheds light on ocean warning trends.
More »
A photo of the surface of the moon Yanne Chembo
Astronomy's Jessica Sunshine and Sarah Valencia Chosen for NASA Moon Research Mission

They will study a previously unexplored region that may hold clues to how the moon formed over time. More »
Yanne Chembo Named Director of Institute for Research in Electronics and Applied Physics

Chembo joined the university in 2019 from the Georgia Tech—CNRS Joint Research Laboratory. More »

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Eliza Klempton on NBC News A screenshot from CBS Saturday Morning showing a dinosaur skull Sylvain Veilleux talking to a Fox 5 news anchor about the Webb Telescope

Astronomy's Eliza Kempton Comments on First Webb Telescope Images (NBC) [Video]

Geology's Tom Holtz Shares his Knowledge on the Gorgosaurus, a T-Rex Relative (CBS) [Video]

Astronomy's Sylvain Veilleux Comments on First Webb Telescope Images (FOX) [Video]

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