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October 2022
A view of the Earth's Western Hemisphere from space, with bright colors indicating sea surface temperatured. Credit: Google Earth.
ESSIC Signs New $95 Million Cooperative Agreement with NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center

The five-year agreement enables UMD to continue—and expand—its world-class Earth system science research. Read More »

A sketch of a piece of quantum thermodynamics equipment. Credit: Bruce Rosenbaum and Jim Su. National Science Foundation logo
Maryland Quantum-Thermodynamics Hub Founded with $2M Grant

The new project aims to make Maryland a central hub for research in the emerging field of quantum thermodynamics. More »
Physics' Howard Milchberg to Build New High-intensity Laser System

He will use a $1.61 million NSF Major Research Instrumentation award to build the highest intensity laser on the East Coast. More »
Ross Salawitch Rance Cleaveland
Atmospheric & Oceanic Science’s Ross Salawitch Elected Fellow of American Geophysical Union

The honor highlights his efforts to quantify the effects of human activity on atmospheric composition. More »
Computer Science's Rance Cleaveland Returns to UMD After Four Years at NSF

Cleaveland served as director of the Division of Computing and Communications Foundations. More »
A tiny black and orange tropical tree frog sitting on a broad green leaf. Credit: Faye Levine. A crater formed by a meteroid impact on the surface of Mars, detected by NASA's InSight. A false-color blue area indicates where dust and soil have been disturbed. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/University of Arizona.

Malaria Spike Linked to Amphibian Die-off

Study co-authored by Biology's Karen Lips highlights the importance of biodiversity to human health. More »

Geology's Nicholas Schmerr Helps Discover New Craters on Mars

NASA InSight mission captures impacts and offers new clues into the planet's structure and formation. More »
A microscopy image of (L-R) mature monkeypox virus particles and immature monkeypox virons. Credit: CDC/Cynthia Goldsmith. Photo of the cover of UMD's Strategic Plan report, featuring a bronze Testudo
Biology's Philip Johnson Warns Delayed Intervention Makes Eliminating Monkeypox More Difficult

Monkeypox cases may be stabilizing, but stronger, better-adapted variants may still evolve. More »
Four Multidisciplinary Projects with CMNS Faculty Contend for Millions in Grand Challenges Grants

The new UMD program supports campuswide research projects and initiatives to tackle societal problems. More »

Cover of Odyssey Magazine

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A photo from the An Evening of Gratitude event Photo from UMD's 2022 Convocation Still from a timelapse video about the new Chemistry building construction

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OCT 21

CMNS Ice Cream Social
Come mingle and enjoy ice cream with faculty, staff and students to celebrate Homecoming Weekend. LEARN MORE »

OCT 25

Paint Branch Distinguished Lecture in Applied Physics
"How Quantum Mechanics Helps Identify Mechanisms and Discover Materials to Combat Climate Change"
Speaker: Emily A. Carter, Princeton University LEARN MORE »

NOV 15

Science on Tap
"The Gulf Stream: Barrier, Blender...or Breadmaker?"
Speaker: Jacob Wenegrat, Assistant Professor of Atmospheric & Oceanic Science, University of Maryland LEARN MORE »

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