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November 2022
Left to right: Sumant Nigam; Amitabh Varshney; Timothy Tharp; Earl Stoddard; Jennifer King Rice; Larry Hogan; and Russell J. Strickland. Credit: John T. Consoli. Click image to download hi-res version.
State of Maryland and UMD Partner to Build World-class Atmospheric System of Weather-observing Towers
Atmospheric and Oceanic Science’s Sumant Nigam will lead the Maryland Mesonet project to enhance the state’s critical infrastructure and preparedness. Read More » | Watch Video »
From left: University of Maryland, Baltimore President Bruce Jarrell, Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich, President and CEO of the University of Maryland Medical System, Mohan Suntha, and University of Maryland, College Park President Darryll Pines sign a memorandum of understanding to establish the University of Maryland 3 - Institute for Health Computing (UM-3-IHC). (Photo credit: University of Maryland, Baltimore) Rance Cleaveland
New Institute to Transform Medicine Using Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Technologies

Located in Montgomery County, Md., the institute will create a new paradigm in health care delivery and personalized approach to patients. More »
Computer Science’s Rance Cleaveland Named CMNS Associate Dean for Research

He will help grow the college’s annual sponsored research funding, which currently exceeds $200 million. More »
Philip Johnson Ipsa Mittra with her research poster at SACNAS
Biology’s Philip Johnson Contributes to 2022 Nobel Prize in Medicine Research

Johnson played a key role in Svante Pääbo’s research on the Neanderthal genome. More »
Using Machine Learning to Classify Cancer Mutations

Computer science major Ipsa Mittra presented research at the SACNAS National Diversity in STEM Conference. More »
A bee on a light purple flower. A street in Baltimore, Md. lined with parked cars and young trees. Credit: Meghan Avolio.
Entomology’s Anahí Espíndola Issues Warning About Effects of Climate Change on Insects

She and co-authors say insects are under threat, but there is still time to change course. More »
Urban Trees Rooted in Redlining and Environmental Injustice

A study led by Entomology’s Karin Burghardt showed that neighborhood street trees in Baltimore tell a tale of both historical racial discrimination and modern reparation. More »
An image from the Webb Telescope composed of four narrow-band images combined, which appears as a blurred blotch of colors. It depicts an 'extremely red' quasar is highlighted in this image from the Hubble Space Telescope. The images in the center and on the right present new observations from the James Webb Space Telescope in multiple wavelengths to demonstrate the distribution of gas around the object. Credit: ESA/Webb, NASA & CSA, D. Wylezalek, A. Vayner & the Q3D Team, N. Zakamska. A microscopy image of the protein actin, a key component of the cytoskeleton that provides structure to cells. Credit: Hoaran Ni.
Webb Telescope Uncovers Massive Galaxy Cluster Surrounding a Powerful Red Quasar

Astronomy’s Sylvain Veilleux served as co-principal investigator of this latest glimpse into the early universe. More »
Researchers Reveal How a Molecular Tug-of-war Gives Cells Their Shape

A new study explains how cells form subcellular patterns, which could aid future drug development. More »

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