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MAY 2023
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(From left) University of Maryland doctoral student Lovely-Frances Domingo, Professor Hal Daumé III and Associate Professor Katie Shilton discuss some of Shilton’s work on ethics and policy for the design of information technologies. Daumé and Shilton are helping lead the new $20M NSF Institute for Trustworthy AI in Law & Society. Credit: Maria Herd Laurent Montési on an outcrop of rocks from Earth's lower crust, now exposed in the Lofoten Islands, Norway. Image courtesy of Wenlu Zhu.
UMD Leads New $20M NSF Institute for Trustworthy AI in Law and Society

The institute will integrate broader participation in artificial intelligence (AI) design, new technology development and more informed governance of AI-infused systems. More »
Geology’s Laurent Montési Awarded Fulbright Scholarship to Study Tectonics in Norway

Montési hopes to apply his knowledge of Earth’s tectonic and volcanic activity to Venus and planets beyond. More »
Wendell Hill Paul Julienne
IPST’s Wendell Hill Elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences

The quantum physicist’s election brings the number of members in the college to 16. More »

Physics’ Paul Julienne Elected to National Academy of Sciences

With the quantum physics researcher's election, the college now has 19 members. More »
An artist’s depiction of the Martian interior and the paths taken by the seismic waves as they traveled through the planet’s core. Image courtesy of NASA/JPL and Nicholas Schmerr. An asbestos fiber (stained blue) in lung tissue being surrounded by macrophages. Credit: CDC/ Dr. Edwin P. Ewing, Jr.
Geology’s Vedran Lekic and Nicholas Schmerr Detect Seismic Waves Traveling Through Martian Core for the First Time

The findings offer new clues about how terrestrial planets form, evolve and potentially sustain life. More »
Size and Shape Matter: New Research Sheds Light on How Mesothelioma Develops

UMD-led study suggests that the mechanism used by immune cells to “sense” harmful particles like asbestos fibers may play a role in how human cancers develop. More »
(L-R) Zeki Mokhtarzada and Junyi Julie Liu (L-R) Brandie Smith, Kayla Davie and Isha Angadi
College’s 2023 Undergraduate Commencement Ceremony Speakers Announced

Serial tech entrepreneur Zeki Mokhtarzada (B.S. ’01, computer science and mathematics) will be the keynote speaker and Junyi “Julie” Liu (B.S. ’22, biological sciences) will be the student speaker. More »
Speakers Announced for College’s 2023 Graduate Commencement Ceremony

National Zoo Director Brandie Smith (Ph.D. ’10, behavior, ecology, evolution and systematics) will be the keynote speaker; Kayla Davie (Ph.D. ’23, applied mathematics & statistics, and scientific computation) and Isha Angadi (B.S. ’21, computer science; M.P.S. ’22, data science and analytics) will be the student speakers. More »

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An illustration in blue and orange tones showing many interlocking gears and a field of prime numbers. The piece is called Infinate Prime. Credit: Kristina Armitage

Computer Science’s William Gasarch Discusses Why Mathematicians Re-Prove What They Already Know [Quanta Magazine]

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Entomology’s Mike Raupp Says Spotted Lanternflies Will be Worse Than Usual This Year [WUSA9]

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UMD Quantum Physicists Answer Burning Questions on World Quantum Day


JUN 30
Deadline to Apply to UMD’s Professional Master’s or Graduate Certificate Programs in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, Data Science, Machine Learning, and Quantum Computing LEARN MORE »

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