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College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences
June 2023
Three students outside of the graduate commencement ceremony at the UMD campus chapel. One is a young man in ordinary clothes, and two are young women wearing regalia and holding flowers.
Nada Abouelseoud, one of the seven CMNS students who received Alumni Network Summer Awards Garmani Thein, wearing a lab coat and working at a glovebox
Seven Science Terps Receive CMNS Alumni Network Summer Awards

The awards will enable the students to conduct research and present at scientific conferences over the summer. More »
Biological Sciences Major Will Move to Germany to Continue Novel Bacteria Research After Graduation

Garmani Thein will resume studying two new bacteria species he helped discover last summer. More »
Hands holding a cell phone running the ChatGPT app The Mokhtarzada brothers with one of the hatchery startup teams
Is AI-Generated Content Actually Detectable?

Computer Science’s Soheil Feizi and Furong Huang share their latest research on large language models like ChatGPT. More »

Mokhtarzada Hatchery Startups Showcase Their ‘Immense Progress’

From tackling food insecurity to fostering cultural exchanges, students and alums are positively impacting communities through their new ventures. More »
A young woman on the deck of a ship, wearing a life vest and holding a cable Victoria Whitley outside, in front of a river. Wooded hills with fall foliage is in the background.
Cruising the Chesapeake Bay

Atmospheric and oceanic science course taught by Jacob Wenegrat offers students an experiential learning opportunity. More »
Ph.D. Student Victoria Whitley ‘Talks Math’ and Mentorship

As co-director of the Girls Talk Math summer camp at UMD, Whitley shows underrepresented students that everyone has a place in mathematics. More »
An  illustration showing NASA's Parker Solar Probe near the sun. Credit: NASA-Johns Hopkins APL-Steve Gribben Jinwoo Lee
New Study Identifies Mechanism Driving the Sun’s Fast Wind

Physics’ James Drake says the release of magnetic energy near the sun’s surface enables the solar wind to reach gravity-defying speeds. More »
Preparing for the Next Pandemic

Chemistry and Biochemistry’s Jinwoo Lee received an NSF CAREER award to continue his investigations into the Lassa virus and other infectious diseases. More »

Cover of Odyssey Magazine

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Russ Dickerson on a TV news segment about how climate change may impact air travel

Atmospheric and Oceanic Science’s Russ Dickerson Talks Climate Change and Air Travel [WUSA9]

An artist's impression of a hazy sub-Neptune-sized planet with a warm glow recently observed with the James Webb Space Telescope. Credit: NASA, JPL-Caltech, R. Hurt, IPAC

Astronomy’s Eliza Kempton Shares Mysteries of 'Weirdly Shiny' Exoplanet [NPR]

Mike Raupp on a TV news segment about mosquito season

Entomology’s Mike Raupp Offers a Summer Mosquito Forecast [FOX5]


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