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JuLY 2023
Dean Amitabh Varshney at a TerrapinSTRONG event
Joshua Weitz Maura Belliveau. Credit: Emory
Joshua Weitz Joins Biology as the Clark Leadership Chair in Data Analytics

Weitz joins from Georgia Tech and will continue to explore how viruses impact human and environmental health. Read More »
Maura Belliveau Joins College as Assistant Dean for Diversity and Strategic Initiatives

Belliveau brings 30 years of experience, most recently as director of the University of Buffalo’s Center for Diversity Innovation. More »
Thai Cao Krisztina Christmon standing in field of young crops, holding an armload of plastic waste. Credit: Edwin Remsberg
Computer Science Major Creates AI Tutor to Simplify Classwork

Thai Cao’s Mindgrasp startup turns dense lectures into digestible notes for busy college students. More »
Entomology Alum Finds Her ‘Repurpose’

Krisztina Christmon (Ph.D. ’23) works to protect farmers and reduce plastic waste through her startup, Repurpose Farm Plastic LLC. More »
Tim Canty in his office An artist’s interpretation of an array of pulsars being affected by gravitational ripples produced by a supermassive black hole binary in a distant galaxy. Credit: NANOGrav-Sonoma State University-Aurore Simonnet.
Unlocking the Potential Benefits of Carbon Capture Technology

AOSC’s Timothy Canty works to forecast the effects of carbon dioxide ‘scrubbers’ on air quality and human health. More »
First Evidence of Gravitational Waves at Extremely Low Frequencies

Astronomy’s Elizabeth Ferrara was part of a 15-year collaboration that used radio telescopes to tune into the hum of the cosmos. More »
An illustration of a hand writing advanced equations on a piece of paper. Credit: Valerie Morgan A young woman posing in front of red, black and gold balloons, showing off her RESET induciton certificate.
Taking Math to Jail

UMD mathematicians teach math classes inside a Washington, D.C. correctional facility. More »
UMD Receives Reboot Representation Funding

The award aims to increase Black, Latina and Native American women receiving computing degrees at UMD. More »

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The Colorado River with low water. Credit: Donald Giannatti-Unsplash

Geology’s Sujay Kaushal on U.S. Rivers in Dangerous Decline [Newsweek]

An illustration of a cheering fly wearing a sunhat and holding a sand pail. Credit: Katty Huertas-Washington Post

Entomology’s Mike Raupp on the Summer Vacation Bug Forecast [The Washington Post]

3D model of a radio frequency bursts. Credit: E. R. Most and A. A. Philippov

Physics’ Alexander Philippov on Radio Bursts and Neutron Stars [Physics]

Russ Dickerson

AOSC’s Russ Dickerson on Link Between Air Pollution and Human Disease [Healthline]


JUL 21
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