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College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences
UMD president Darryll Pines on stage at the Quantum World Congress. Credit: Sptephanie S. Cordle.
U.S. News and World Report's Best Colleges shield logo. A student using a virtual reality headset and hand controllers, standing in front of a wall-sized screen showing the virtual environment. A laptop is on the dek in front of him. Credit: Lisa Helfert.
UMD Rises in U.S. News Rankings of National Universities

Maryland is No. 19 among public schools and jumps nine spots in overall rating. More »
UMD's Computer Science Undergraduate Program Ranks Top 10 Among Public Institutions

The department also ranks among top 10 publics in cybersecurity, data analytics/science and artificial intelligence, according to U.S. News. More »
Mercedes Taylor. Credit: Lisa Helfert A still from a video, showinng how a brain is interpreting sounds based on a comparison of sound and brian activity.
Chemistry and Biochemistry’s Mercedes Taylor Named Moore Inventor Fellow

Taylor will use the award to develop new materials and processes that could one day make battery manufacturing more sustainable. More »
Hearing 'Workout' Helps Make Meaning From Noise [Video]

Biology's Jonathan Simon develops methods to train the brain and help older people retain social and family connections. Watch the Video »
A flooded suburban neighborhood on the Chesapeake Bay. Two rescue workers are pulling a boat containing 3 people down a flooded street. Credit: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Nirupam Roy
'Warming Is Everywhere,' Maryland State Climatologist Warns

Alfredo Ruiz-Barradas (M.S. '98, Ph.D. '01, meteorology) calls for diverse scientific voices as climate change hits globally. More »
Disaster Drones to the Rescue

UMD computer scientists design system to locate trapped and injured victims after catastrophes. More »
A drawing of a Baltimore checkerspot butterfly by late Professor of entomology Francis Eugene Wood. The bionose device, sitting on a microscope slide.
Drawn to Creepy Crawlers? There’s a Website for That.

Entomology's John Davidson honors his late colleague Gene Wood with website featuring their educational art. More »
Bio-Nose Technology: Conferring a Sense of Smell

Backed by a $2 million National Science Foundation grant, UMD researchers aim to create a portable device capable of identifying odors in the environment. More »

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In the News

A rainbow color-coded rendering of Earth showing the hole in the ozone layer as of 2019. Credit: NASA.

AOSC's Ross Salawitch Weighs in on New Ozone Layer Study [The Washington Post]

An abstract illustration about detecting AI. Credit: James Marshall-WIRED.

Computer Science's Soheil Feizi on Artificial Intelligence Detection and Deception [Wired]

Closeup photo of a wolf spider with hundreds of tiny baby spiders on its back, Credit: Mike Raupp.

Entomology's Mike Raupp Offers Tips to Get Bugs Out of Your House This Fall [WTOP]

An illustration of exoplanet K12-18b, a bright, hazy blue globe with a distant red star. Credit: NASA-J. Olmsted.

Astronomy's Eliza Kempton on the Possibility of James Webb Space Telescope Discovering Water on Planet K2-18b [Business Insider]



Dean's Voices of Inclusive Excellence Lecture
"Achieving the Dream: My Life in Math and Science, Defying Barriers and Living Diversity in STEM"
Speaker: Sylvester James Gates Jr., Distinguished University Professor and Clark Leadership Chair in Science, Department of Physics and School of Public Policy, University of Maryland LEARN MORE »


Science on Tap
"From the Lab to the Boardroom: Economic Risks of a Changing Environment"
Speaker: Tim Canty, Associate Professor of Atmospheric and Oceanic Science, University of Maryland LEARN MORE »


Dean's Distinguished Lecture
"Scaling Machine Learning and Generative AI in the Enterprise"
Speaker: Bratin Saha, Vice President of Machine Learning and AI Services at Amazon Web Services LEARN MORE »


Distinguished Scholar-Teacher Lecture
"The Perils of Averaging Averages"
Speaker: Chris Laskowski, Professor of Mathematics, University of Maryland LEARN MORE »


Special Public Lecture on Gravitational Physics
"Our Romance with the Warped Side of the Universe: From Black Holes, Wormholes, and the Big Bang to Time Travel and Gravitational Waves"
Speaker: Kip S. Thorne, Nobel Laureate in Physics LEARN MORE »

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