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November 2023
The Maryland Mesonet team sets up the first tower of the state's atmospheric monitoring system. The slim metllic tower, mounted in a grassy field, looks somewhat like a radio tower and has Maryland and US flags on it.
Peter Nemes Howard Milchberg
Chemistry and Biochemistry's Peter Nemes Receives Prestigious Award for Metabolism Research

Nemes will lead a new project supported by a $500,000 grant from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. Read More »
Physics' Howard Milchberg Awarded 2024 APS Schawlow Prize in Laser Science

He was honored for his work in plasma optics and laser-driven particle accelerators. Read More »
Samantha Halstead Santez A pile of leaves next to a shed. A bright green rake is leaning against the shed. Credit: Max Ferlauto.
Weathering Life's Changes

Atmospheric and oceanic science Ph.D. student Samantha Halstead Santez left a six-year museum career to study sea ice. Now, she's at NASA. Read More »
Entomologist Shares 4 Do's and Don'ts of Autumn Leaf Raking

Ph.D. candidate Max Ferlauto encourages homeowners to leave some leaves on the ground to help yard ecosystems thrive. Read More »
A diagram of the salt cycle A cutaway illustration of Mars showing the molten layer around its core, with an eruption taking place on the surface. Credit: IPGP/CNES
Humans Are Disrupting Natural 'Salt Cycle' on a Global Scale, New Study Shows

The influx of salt in streams and rivers is an 'existential threat,' according to a research team led by Geology’s Sujay Kaushal. Read More »
Scientists Discover Molten Layer Covering Martian Core

A study co-authored by Geology's Vedran Lekić reveals a silicate 'blanket' wrapped around Mars' core. Read More »
Hurricane Ian off the eastern coast of Belize. Credit: NASA-Johnson A group of cicada researchers gathered around a picnic table near the woods with partially eaten green leaves on it. Credit: Martha Weiss.
New Study Confirms Presence of Flesh-Eating and Illness-Causing Bacteria in Florida's Coastal Waters Following Hurricane Ian

UMIACS' Rita Colwell said pathogenic Vibrio bacteria are on the rise due to climate change, and it’s a 'serious concern.' Read More »
Unearthing the Ecological Impacts of Cicada Emergences on North American Forests

Entomology's Daniel Gruner co-authored a study unveiling the cascading effects of periodical cicada emergence events on forest ecosystems. Read More »

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A black and white photo of a tiny, lumpy moon orbiting an asteroid. Credit: NASA Goddard/SWRI/Johns Hopkins APL/NOAO.

Astronomy's Jessica Sunshine on NASA Asteroid Mission That Discovers Tiny Surprise Moon with 'Really Bizarre' Shape [Scientific American]

A video still from a news secgment showing Xinrong Ren with the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration Air Resources Car. Credit: WJZ CBS Baltimore.

Atmospheric and Oceanic Science Researchers Show Off NOAA's "ARC," Which Collects Greenhouse Gas Emissions Data Across Maryland [CBS News]

A photo of President Joe Biden, sitting at a small desk bearing the presidential seal, signing an executive order on artificial intelligence. Credit: Demetrius Freeman for The Washington Post via Getty Images.

Computer Science's Soheil Feizi Weighs in on Watermarking AI-Generated Content, Part of President Biden's Executive Order on AI [The Verge]



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