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College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences
(L-R) Dinesh Manocha and Lai Xi Wang. Credits: Brandi Adams and Lisa Helfert.
Wolfgang Losert Ionic Decices logo
Physics' Wolfgang Losert Named MPower Professor

He will receive $150,000 over three years to support his collaborative research with the University of Maryland, Baltimore. Read More »
UMD Battery Startup Wins Design Award from U.S. Department of Energy

Ionic Devices, co-founded by Chemistry and Biochemistry's Sang Bok Lee, received a Phase 1 Microbattery Design Prize. Read More »
(L-R) Kristin and Any Looney, with the Fluxx logo in the background. Brian Carothers
On a Mission to Create Fun

From Maryland to 'Wunderland,' it’s been a game-changing journey for Kristin (B.S. '88, computer science) and Andy Looney (B.S. '86, computer science). Read More »
Mathematics on Ice

A math degree and a passion for hockey helped Brian Carothers (B.S. '13, mathematics) score his dream job in sports data analytics. Read More »
A 3D model of a molecular quantum defect detector. Wetlands scene. The season is fall or winter.
Finding the Fingerprint of a Disease

A team including Chemistry and Biochemistry's YuHuang Wang makes a breakthrough discovery for cancer diagnostics. Read More »
UMD-led Research Team 'Fingerprints' Methane to Track a Climate Change Culprit

Emissions of the potent greenhouse gas have spiked since 2007—tracking where it's coming from could help mitigate climate change. Read More »
A historical sign for Emory Grove. Credit: Catherine Madsen. Alice Oveson
A History Hidden From View

Geology students search for early gravesite of historic African American church. Read More »
Solving Real-Life Problems With Math

Applied Mathematics & Statistics, and Scientific Computation Ph.D. student Alice Oveson is creating a mathematical model that mimics how people decide whether to adhere to public health interventions. Read More »

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AI Weather map showing the eastern US and the Caribbean with a hurricane appreoaching.

AOSC's Maria Molina Comments on AI Churning Out Lightning-Fast Forecasts as Good as the Weather Agencies [Science]

Abstract watercolor-style image of the earth sitting on top of a mountain of salt. Credit: iStock and Getty Images Plus.

Geology’s Sujay Kaushal Talks About the Possibility that Salt is an Existential Threat [Fast Company]

A rake with leaves caught in it, leaning up against the side of a tan shed with a green door. Credit: Chiot's Run-Flickr.

Entomology’s Max Ferlauto Discusses Why You Shouldn’t Rake Your Yard [Washingtonian]

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