Former Lab Members

Post-doctoral Researchers

Graduate Students

Postdoctoral Researchers

Dr. Craig Aumann

Dr. Noelle Beckman

  • 2017 Update: Asst. Professor, Utah State University

Dr. Christian Che-Castaldo

Dr. Lisa Eby

Dr. James Gilbert

Dr. Emma Goldberg

Dr. Allison Howard

  • 2017 Update: Lecturer, University of Georgia

Dr. Heather Lynch

Dr. Thomas Mueller

  • 2017 Update: The Bosch Junior Professor, Biodiversity and Climate Research Center (BIK-F), Franfurt, Germany

Dr. Andrew Noble

Dr. Marc Rhainds

Dr. Leslie Ries

  • 2017 Update: Asst. Professor, Georgetown University

Dr. Ruscena Wiederholt

  • 2017 Update: Research Associate, USFWS

Dr. Ying (Joy) Zhou

  • 2017 Update: Asst. Professor, Lafayette College

Graduate Students

Dr. Silvia Alvarez

  • Ph.D. 2016, Fission-fusion dynamics in mammals: Linking animal movement to group behavior. (2017 Update: Research Scientist, Science for Nature and People Partnership, Colombia)

Dr. Paula Casanova

  • Ph.D. 2013, Novel approaches to studying biodiversity in remote areas: The Distribution of lichens and penguins across the Antarctic Peninsula. (2017 Update: Postdoctoral fellow, University of Canterbury, New Zealand)

Dr. Chris Che-Castaldo

  • Ph.D. 2014, The attack dynamics and ecosystem consequences of stem borer herbivory on Sitka willow at Mount St. Helens. (2017 Update: Postdoctoral fellow, Stony Brook University)

Ayoola Folarin

  • M.S. 2001, Exploring the Relationships Between Biodiversity and Functional Diversity: A Macroecological Approach.

Dr. Andy Foss-Grant

  • Ph.D. 2017, Quantitative challenges in ecology: Competition, migration, and social learning.

Chris Guenther

Jeff Johnston

Dr. Christina Kennedy

Dr. Sarah Kingston

  • Ph.D. 2012, Genomic analysis of divergence and gene flow across towhee hybrid zones in Mexico

Dr. Elise Larsen

  • Ph.D. 2013, (Biology) Avian community responses to ecological disturbance and recovery at Mt. St. Helens, WA, USA (2017 Update: Postdoctoral fellow, Georgetown Univ.)

Dr. Holly Martinson

Dr. Jessamy Rango

Dr. Katie Schneider

Jeff Sorensen

Dr. Jessica Turner

Dr. Sara Zeigler

Dr. Elise Zipkin

  • Ph.D. 2012, Hierarchical models for the anlaysis of species distributions and abundances: development and applications (2017 Update: Asst. Professor, Michigan State Univ.)

Selected Publications

From the gallery

Adelie Penguin  Hybrid habitat in Mexico  Gazelle Calf in Mongolia  Katie clearing WVA pits for field work   Evan with epentydactylus  sunset from antarctica