Antony M Jose
Principal Investigator
C. V.


Mary Chey
Graduate Student


Daphne Knudsen
Graduate Student


Samiha Tasnim
Graduate Student


Beata Gelman
Lab Manager


Molly Sieger


Aishwarya Sathya
Graduate Student


Riley Nolan
Undergraduate Researcher

Remote Data Analysts:

Pratik Patel

Farhaan Lalit


Orna Cohen-Fix, NIDDK, NIH (w/ Mohammad Rahman)

Leslie Pick, Entomology, UMD (w/ Faith Kung)

Past lab members:

Postdoctoral Fellow

Yun Choi: 2013-2015, then Assistant Clinical Professor for the Transgenerational Brain Initiative

Graduate Students

Julia Marré: 2012-2017, then lecturer for Cell Biology at UMD, now at Food and Drug Administration

Pravrutha Raman: 2012-2019, then postdoc with Harmit Malik, HHMI, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle

Snusha Ravikumar: 2011-2019, then postdoc with Daniel Colón-Ramos,  Yale University, New Haven

Sindhuja Devanapally: 2011-2019, then postdoc with Laura Landweber, Columbia University, New York

Nathan Shugarts: 2015-2021, then postdoc with Jennifer Zallen, HHMI, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York

Undergraduate Students and Volunteers

Soriayah Zaghab: 2012-2014, then UMD School of Medicine Medical Student

Hai Le: 2011-2014 also as Research Technician, then Johns Hopkins University Medical Student

Yinglun Wu: 2013-2015, then UMD School of Medicine Medical Student

Aubrey DiBello: 2013-2015, then Tufts Medical School Masters Student

Andrew Blumenfeld: 2014-2015 also as Research Technician, then University of Colorado Graduate Student, now at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

Samual Allgood: 2014-2015, then University of Delaware Graduate Student

Monika Looney: 2013-2016, then Johns Hopkins University Graduate Student

Rex Ledesma: 2016-2017, then software engineer at Airbnb

Farida Ettefa: 2015-2019 also as Research Technician, then MD-PhD student at New York University School of Medicine

Yixin Lin: 2017-2019, then Master of Education at UMD

Winnie Chan: 2016-2019, then Masters in Medical Sciences Boston University School of Medicine

Kyle Galford: 2017-2019, then account manager at Novogene Corporation

Matthew Chung: 2018-2019, then PhD at University of California, San Diego

Maigane Diop: 2017-2020, then MD-PhD student at Stanford University

Shavin Thomas: 2018-2020, then University of Pittsburgh medical student

Victoria Murphy: 2019-2021, then graduate student at Johns Hopkins University

Laura DeRavin: 2019-2021

Andrew Yi: 2019-2021

Richard Zipper: 2020-2022

Technicians and Lab Managers

Ed Traver: 2011-2013 Research Technician, then Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine Medical Student

Lanelle Edwards: 2011-2017 Lab Manager & Technician, then Technician at Balaban Lab, NHLBI, NIH

Andrew Sybing: 2014-2017 Technician, then University of Maryland School of Pharmacy

Crystal Nwachuku: 2017-2018 Lab Manager, then Patient Care Coordinator at Moore Obgyn

Nicholas Hung: 2017-2018 Technician, then Technology Development Program Associate with United Health Group

Devan Ahalt: 2018-2020 Technician, then exploring options

Eunice Cho: 2017-2020 Undergraduate researcher and Lab Manager, then George Washington University Medical Student

Short-term members

Rachel Maczis: 2011-2012 Rotation Student

Adam Kopp: 2012 Summer Student, an undergraduate from Brown University

Andrew Casay: 2012 Summer Student from Poolesville high school

Florian Bigot: 2012 Summer Student entering UMD as an undergraduate

Kylynn Salvetti: 2012 Fall Federal Work Study Student

Surya Sundar: 2012-2013 Rotation Student

Heather Greenberg: 2012-2013 Undergraduate Student

Youngwook Kim: 2013 Summer Student from Poolesville high school

Leora Goldbloom-Helzner: 2013 Summer Student from Montgomery Blair high school

Pallavi Bhave: 2015 Summer Student from Thomas Jefferson High school for Science and Technology

Ray An: 2015 Undergraduate Student

Jordan Aoyama: 2015-2016 Rotation Student

Molly Lutrey: 2016-2017 Undergraduate Student

Edwin Zhang: 2017 Undergraduate Student

Julianna Gross: 2018 Summer Student from Sherwood High School

Heidi Wade: 2018-2019 Rotation Student and member for two months

Rui Yin: 2019 Rotation student

Jessica Kopew: 2019 Rotation Student

Shivani Amin: 2020-2021 Federal Work Study Student

Neil Ghosh: 2021 Undergraduate Student

Carinna Householder: 2021 Rotation Student