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Fall 2006 Seminars

Current seminars

Date Speaker Title Host
Sep. 8 Zhongchi Liu "Transcriptional repression mechanisms in Arabidopsis flower development" Mount
Sep. 15 Mihai Pop, CBCB and Computer Science, U.M. "Sequencing the human gut biome" Mount
Sep. 22 David Mosser, CBMG "Fact and Fiction about Activated Macrophages" Stein
Sep. 29 Joe Poovaiah
Washington State University
"Sessile plants and dynamic calcium/calmodulin signaling" Kwak
Oct. 6 Xuemin Wang,
Univ. Missouri, St. Louis
"Lipid-mediated signaling in plant stress response" Kwak
Oct. 13 John Gunn, Ohio State "Salmonella Host Adaptation and Survival in the Intestine and Gallbladder" Joseph
Oct. 20 Lian-Yong Gao , CBMG "Host-pathogen interaction mediated by a Mycobacterium virulence protein secretion system" Mosser
Oct. 27 R.M. Siegel "All in the Family: TNF receptor superfamily signaling in health and disease" Briken
Nov. 3 Jocelyne DiRuggiero, CBMG "Damage avoidance and DNA repair mechanisms in extreme environments" Cooke
Nov. 10 Matthew Sachs, Oregan Health & Science University TBA Dinman
Nov. 17 Alan Sher "Host resistance and immune regulation in infectious diseases" Gao
Dec. 1 Phil Scott "The development of immunological memory during Leishmania major infections" Mosser
Dec. 8 Rick Stewart, CBMG " Signaling machinery in bacterial chemotaxis" Mount

*All Seminars will be held at 12:00 noon in Rm. 2242 H.J. Patterson Hall

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