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Fall 2007 Seminars

Current seminars (Spring 2008)

Date Speaker Title Host
Sep. 7 Ted Hinchcliffe "The Role of the Centrosome in Spindle Pole Assembly and Cytokinesis" Wolniak
Sep. 14 Dan Cohen, MD. U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum
New speaker in this time slot.
"Eugenics and Population Control Under the Nazis " Briken
Sep. 14 Paul Englund
"How trypanosomes make fatty acids: a new mechanism specialized for parasitism" El-Sayed
Sep. 21 Tod Merkel
Food and Drug Administration
"Examining the host-response to B. anthracis infection" Gao
Sep. 28 Steven Reiner
University of Pennsylvania
"Specifying the T cell fates required for immunity" Frauwirth
Oct. 5 Nam Chua
The Rockefeller University
"Mechanism of action of viral suppressors of gene silencing." Kwak
Oct. 12 Tian Jin
National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases
"Visualizing Spatiotemporal Signaling Events Toward Understanding The Signaling Network of Chemoattractant Sensing" Song
Oct. 19

Peter Agre -
Duke University,
2003 Nobel Laureate,
Graduate Student speaker

"Aquaporin Water Channels: From Atomic Structure to Clinical Medicine” Jessica Miller
Oct. 26 Daniel Schachtman
Donald Danforth Plant Science Center
"Transcriptional control of auxin signal transduction modulates lateral root growth under mineral nutrient deficiency" Kwak
Nov. 2 Bernard Epel
Dept. of Plant Sciences
Tel Aviv University
"Tobacco mosaic virus replicase and movement protein function synergistically in facilitating TMV spread by lateral diffusion in the plasmodesmal desmotubule" Simon
Nov. 9

Barbara Sollner-Webb
Johns Hopkins University

"Where transiently transfected plasmids localize in mammalian cell nuclei, and how this reflects chromosomal sequence organization" El-Sayed
Nov. 16 Marat Yusupov
IGMCB, Strasbourg
"Structural study of mRNA movement on the ribosome during translation" Dinman
Nov. 30 Stephen Melville
Virginia Tech
"A new way to get around: A novel mechanism of gliding motility in the Gram-positive pathogen Clostridium perfringens" McIver
Dec. 7 Dr. Eric Rubin
Harvard School of Public Health
"What do pumps pump" Gao

*All Seminars will be held at 12:00 noon in Rm. 1103 Biosciences Research Building

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