Life relies on regulation from molecular to population scales. We are interested in advancing the understanding of living systems through conceptual and experimental work on regulation. Conceptually, we aim to explore the origins, diversity, and limits of regulatory networks. Experimentally, we aim to elucidate mechanisms that rely on RNA to regulate gene expression across space and time using the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans. Simulations that integrate conceptual and experimental work provide intuitions that guide our inferences and experimental designs. For more, please click on an icon below or watch a recent video.

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Videos: Heredity constrains living systems (2023), Rethinking Heredity (2020), How life preserves form and function across generations (2018), Cell code (2018), 3MT on RNA silencing (2018), Transgenerational Reprogramming (2016), Movement of RNA (2012)

We are grateful for continuous funding supporting our work since we began in Aug 2011. Our ongoing funding is from the National Institutes of Health (NIGMS: 2011 - 2026) and the National Science Foundation (MCA: 2021 - 2024).