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Spring 2008 Seminars

Date Speaker Title Host
Feb. 1 ASN Reddy
Colorado State Univ.
"Alternative splicing of pre-mRNAs of SR proteins: Functional analysis of an SR protein in Arabidopsis" Mount
Feb. 8 Melody Neely
Wayne State University
"Old dog: New tricks. Exploitation of the host during streptococcal invasive disease" Lee
Feb. 29 Gerry Berkowitz
University of Connecticut
"The Grateful Dead: Calcium and innate immunity in plants" Kwak

Mar. 5
2 p.m.

James Galagan
Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard
"Integrated Genomics and Computational Systems Biology for Tuberculosis" Mount
Mar. 7 Deborah Hung
Broad Institute
"Chemical BIological Approach to Bacterial Virulence" Lee
Mar. 28 Ralph Quatrano
Washington Univ.,
St. Louis
"Physcomitrella: The system and genome to address plant functions"
(in conjunction with the ASPB-MAS mtg.)
Apr. 4 Kwang Sik Kim
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg
School of Public Health
"Microbial Traversal of the Blood-Brain Barrier" Fredericksen
Dec. 5, 2008
David G. Russell
Cornell University Vet. Med.
"Mycobacterium  tuberculosis: Life in the phagosome" Gao
Apr. 18 Arpita Upadhyaya
Dept. of Physics, U. Maryland
" Forces generated by cytoskeletal polymers: Collapsing rings and contracting
Apr. 25 Shunyuan Xiao
CARB, UMBI, Shady Grove
“Interception of Fungal Haustorium by RPW8” Sze
May 9 Sergio Grinstein
Division of Cell Biology
Hospital for Sick Children
University of Toronto
"Signaling phagocytosis: role of phospholipids and surface charge  in protein targeting" Briken

*All Seminars will be held at 12:00 noon in Rm. 1103 Biosciences Research Building

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