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Fall 2008 Seminars

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Date Speaker Title Host
Sep. 5 Jeffery Cirillo
Texas A & M University

"Using molecular tools to dissect bacterial respiratory pathogens" Gao
Sep. 12

Nicole LaRonde-LeBlanc
Dept. Chem. and Biochem.
University of Maryland

"Structural and functional studies of ribosome processing factors" Mount
Sep. 19 Carl Kinsgford
CBCB, Univ. Maryland
"Transcription Terminators, DNA uptake, and Overlapping Genes" (abstract) Mount
Sep. 26 Kenneth R. Miller
Brown University
"God, Darwin, & Design.  America's new Battle over Evolution" Students
Oct. 3 Joanna Goldberg
Dept. Microbiology
Univ. Virginia
"Novel Vaccination Strategy:  Pseudomonas aeruginosa as a Model Pathogen" Lee
Oct. 10 Shen Yang He
DOE Plant Research Laboratory, Michigan State University
"Bacterial virulence effectors: excellent molecular probes of plant cellular functions." Sze
Oct. 17 Joonil Seog
Dept. Bioengineering
University of Maryland
"Direct observation of multiple intermediate states of Rossmann fold I domain using optical tweezer" Kwak
Oct. 24 Craig E. Cameron
Dept. Biochem. & Mol. Biol.
Penn State Univ.
"Towards a universal strategy for viral attenuation and vaccine development" Simon

Oct. 31

Igor Lukashevich,
Univ. Maryland, Baltimore
Postponed until Spring
"Arenavirus Human Pathogens: Protective Immunity and Vaccine Development" Fredericksen
Nov. 7

Vojo Deretic
Dept. Mol. Genetics & Micro.
University of New Mexico

"Autophagy in health, disease, and innate immunity" vbriken
Nov. 14 Barbara Kazmierczak
Dept. Internal Med. & Microbial Pathogenesis,
Yale University
"Should I stay or should I go? Mechanisms for regulating Pseudomonas motility and adhesion" Lee
Nov. 21 Donald H. Burke-Agüero
Departs. of Mol. Micro.& Immunology, Biochemistry
Univ. of Missouri Sch. Med.
"HIV-1 inactivation by nucleic acid aptamers" DeStefano
Dec. 5 David G. Russell
Cornell University Vet. Med.
"Mycobacterium  tuberculosis: Life in the phagosome" Gao
Dec. 12 Winslow Briggs
Carnegie Insitution of Wash.
Stanford University
“The LOV domain: A chromophore domain serving bacterial, fungal, and higher plant photoreceptors.” Simon

*All Seminars will be held at 12:00 noon in Rm. 1103 Biosciences Research Building

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