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MARCH 2022
A person writing equations, seen in soft shadow from the opposite side of a frosted glassboard. Photo by John T. Consoli.
MPower Partnership Announces $3M in Seed Grants for Collaborative Research
Biology's Ricardo Araneda and Michael Cummings and Cell Biology & Molecular Genetics' Margaret Scull received the awards. Read More »
(L-R) Charles Fefferman (B.S. 66) and Simon Levin (Ph.D. 64) Richard Mushotzky. Photo by Lisa Helfert.
Math Alums Charles Fefferman (B.S. '66) and Simon Levin (Ph.D. '64) Receive BBVA Frontiers of Knowledge Awards

They were honored for "new perspectives in mathematical analysis and probability theory."
More »
Astronomy's Richard Mushotzky Awarded 2022 Henry Norris Russell Lectureship by American Astronomical Society

Award recognizes his "lifetime of innovative X-ray and multiwavelength research." More »
A promotional photo of Delante Desouza (B.S. 16) laying on a purple and gold basketball court, in costume as NBA shooting guard Michael Cooper for the HBO series Winning Time-The Rise of the Lakers Masoud Loghmani at the top of Mt. Fuji
Alum Delante Desouza's Fast Break from CS to HBO

Desouza (B.S. '16, computer science), a former digital marketing specialist, lands starring role in new HBO series about the L.A. Lakers. More »
"Don’t Be Afraid of the Fog"

Masoud Loghmani (B.S. '96, physics) creates game-changing technology for Google, YouTube and TikTok. More »
A little girl in the CompSci Connect summer camp using a laoptop at a classroom table, with two young women and a middle-aged woman. Apollo 17 astronaut Harrison Schmitt collects rocks on the final manned moon mission in 1972. Photo courtesy of NASA.
UMD Summer Camps Return

Computer science, entomology, mathematics, physics and others will be hosting camps this summer.
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$3.2M NASA Grant Supports Development of Mini Moon Spectrometer

The project, led by geology faculty, could one day aid in lunar exploration. More »
A super-sensitive, custom-built mass spectrometer devised by UMD researchers opens up new frontiers in analytical neuroscience. Photo by Nathaniel Underland. A salt truck driving around a curve on a snowy road. Photo by Sujay Kaushal.
Chemistry and Biochemistry's Peter Nemes Pioneers Tool for Eavesdropping on Neurons

Ultrasensitive mass spectrometer is a breakthrough for brain research. More »
Geology's Sujay Kaushal Tracks the Harmful Effects of Road Salt in Waterways

Kaushal's new system scores progression of salt pollution in freshwater streams and rivers. More »

Cover of Odyssey Magazine

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Professor Denny Gulick Recites Pi. Photo by Thai Nguyen. Professor Rita Colwell in her lab All hail our new Joro spider overlords! Photo by Cudavic.

Pi Day Celebration [Photos]

"Just Because You Are A Pawn You Don't Have To Lose The Game": Dean's Voices of Inclusive Excellence Lecture by Rita Colwell [Video]

Entomology's Mike Raupp answers 'Will giant poisonous spiders invade D.C.?' [Video via WAMU]


Tobin J. Marks Lecture in Chemical Discovery

"The Organometallic Chemistry of Chemically Recyclable Plastics"
Speaker: Paul J. Chirik, Edwards S. Sanford Professor of Chemistry, Princeton University
More »

APR 2-8

Immersive Media + Arts for All Showcase

Attend installations, performances and talks to see the ways immersive media can bring the arts into dialogue with cutting-edge digital technology to transform public spaces and further social good. More »

APR 11

Science on Tap

"Building New Tools to Understand the Embryo and Brain"
Speaker: Peter Nemes, UMD Associate Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
More »

APR 14

CMNS Dean's Distinguished Lecture

"What a Long Strange Trip It's Been"
Speaker: Craig W. Stanfill Ph.D. '83, Computer Science
More »

APR 20

Mike A'Hearn Lecture

“The Exploration of Pluto and the Kuiper Belt”
Speaker: S. Alan Stern, Principal Investigator of NASA’s New Horizons mission to Pluto More »

APR 30

Maryland Day

The University of Maryland invites you to unlock a world of learning, discovery and exploration at Maryland Day. Take part of hundreds of family-friendly events and interactive exhibits during a daylong celebration and inspiring journey across campus. More »

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