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Comparative Bioinformatics -- BSCI 380
(Formerly BSCI 348S)

Fall 2006; 4 credits

MWF 11-12, 1229 HJ Patterson Hall

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Note! BSCI380, Comparative Bioinformatics is an undergraduate class. A graduate course in bioinformatics and molecular systematics will be offered Spring 2006; details will be forthcoming.

Anticipated schedule for Fall 2006:

Lecture: MWF 11:00 am - 12:00 pm, 1229 HJ Patterson Hall. Lab: M 2-5 pm. 1121 Plant Sciences

The course is intended primarily for undergraduates with a background in the biological sciences, but is open to undergraduates in computer science and related fields who have had substantial exposure to the biological sciences. No prior experience with programming is required, but students should be comfortable working with computers. The primary emphasis will be on understanding the concepts and principles that form the basis for bioinformatic techniques.

Graduate students should register for Advanced Comparative Bioinformatics ( in the Spring Semester.

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UM's Workgroup for Teaching and Learning in Bioinformatics has been hosting an NCBI class "A Field Guide to GenBank and NCBI Molecular Biology Resources" each January, and we anticipate hosting a similar class in January 2005. For more details and updates watch the page: