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Cation/H+ Exchangers


CPA2 Family: CHX (Cation/H+ Exchanger) Genes


AtCHX Tree Chromosomal View of AtCHX
Fig. 1. Phylogenetic Tree
(T-coffee, Alignment)
Fig. 2. Chromosome view of AtCHX

Tab. 1. AtCHX predicted proteins | Tab. 2. AtCHX cDNA/gDNA sequence information

Name PlantsT MIPS TAIR aa# (Rev)*
CHX01 At1g16380 At1g16380 CHX01-TAIR 785
CHX02 At1g79400 At1g79400 CHX02-TAIR 783
CHX03 At5g22900 At5g22900 CHX03-TAIR 822
CHX04 At3g44900 At3g44900 CHX04-TAIR 817
CHX05 At1g08150 At1g08150 CHX05-TAIR 815
CHX06a At1g08140 At1g08140 CHX06a-TAIR 818
CHX06b At1g08135 At1g08135 CHX06b-TAIR 796 (Rev)
CHX07 At2g28170 At2g28170 CHX07-TAIR 801 (Rev)
CHX08 At2g28180 At2g28180 CHX08-TAIR 816 (Rev)
CHX09 At5g22910 At5g22910 CHX09-TAIR 800
CHX10 At3g44930 At3g44930 CHX10-TAIR 783 (Rev)
CHX11 At3g44920 At3g44920 CHX11-TAIR 783 (Rev)
CHX12 At3g44910 At3g44910 CHX12-TAIR 770 (Rev)
CHX13 At2g30240 At2g30240 CHX13-TAIR 831
CHX14 At1g06970 At1g06970 CHX14-TAIR 829
CHX15 At2g13620 At2g13620 CHX15-TAIR 821
CHX16 At1g64170 At1g64170 CHX16-TAIR 811 (Rev)
CHX17 At4g23700 At4g23700 CHX17-TAIR 820
CHX18 At5g41610 At5g41610 CHX18-TAIR 810
CHX19 At3g17630 At3g17630 CHX19-TAIR 800 (Rev)
CHX20 At3g53720 At3g53720 CHX20-TAIR 842
CHX21 At2g31910 At2g31910 CHX21-TAIR 832 (Rev)
CHX23 At1g05580 At1g05580 CHX23-TAIR 867
CHX24 At5g37060 At5g37060 CHX24-TAIR 859
CHX25 At5g58460 At5g58460 CHX25-TAIR 857
CHX26 At5g01680 At5g01680 CHX26-TAIR 780
CHX27 At5g01690 At5g01690 CHX27-TAIR 767 (Rev)
CHX28 At3g52080 At3g52080 CHX28-TAIR 801

* Amino acid residue numbers are predicted; all revisions are tentative.


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